Bloke who left wife for blonde Ukrainian refugee flogging mobiles for phone shop

A bloke who left his missus for the Ukranian refugee they welcomed into their home has been out and about advertising his favourite local mobile shop.

Tony Garnett last made headlines after he announced he was getting back with Sofiia Karkadym back in Ukraine.

The former security guard left his wife Lorna Garnett for Sofiia – but things have been turbulent between the two, splitting up at one point.

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Now though, he’s back in his home town of Bradford offering a bit of exposure for one of his favourite local businesses.

“I’m back in my hometown of Bradford,” he said.

Speaking like the host of a regular TV show, he continues: “Today we’re at Bismillah Phones, the biggest and best phone shop in Bradford.

With bassy tunes playing over a heavily edited clip of him walking into the shop and shaking hands with the shop attendant, Garnett talks up the business as the city’s finest mobile retailer.

The camera shakes and rattles, heavy music blares and mixed transitions twist and turn between shots as Garnett seemingly tries to build up hype around the shop.

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Getting into the meat of the video which at the time of writing has been viewed 245 views times, he asks the shopkeeper: “So Cameron, for all our viewers here is there sommet we can do to give back to them?

“There must be something we can do,” he adds.

The video is, it turns out, a plug for the shop’s competition to win an iPad and Garnett a well-known face being used in an influencer-like capacity.

Garnett and Sophiia got back together in December after 10 weeks of being broken up.

Speaking to the MailOnline at the time he said: “I think we can make this work,” he said.

"She's a really attractive woman and always has interesting stuff to talk about.

“I want to know her much better and this time we will take things slower.”

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