Bloke who lost pals due to sex doll says ‘AI robot companions’ could fix society

A bloke who is dating a sex doll claims that 'robot companions' are the key to helping with society's problems, despite him losing friends and family because of his choices.

The AI revolution is set to change everything about the way we study, communicate and do business.

But one man says that AI developers are overlooking the most basic human need – companionship.

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C Alexander Stokes, who posts under the name RavenBunny, is an advocate for sex robots, saying they can boost peoples’ mental health by making them feel less isolated.

And he believes the next logical step is to bring in the latest advances in artificial intelligence – to make silicon companions that respond just like a real human being.

He said: “In all the problems we face around the world in 2023.” He says, “can't we solve the obvious ones?”

“People are suffering with loneliness and depression. Let's get started now and take it slow with AI technology by solving an immediate problem with a simple yet complex solution”.

Alexander, from North Carolina, in the US, says he’s in a relationship with a sex doll that he calls Mimi.

Over the two years that he’s been living with the doll, he’s seen a lot of friends drift away. But he says he doesn’t care what other repel think, because his unusual lifestyle “brings him happiness”.

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The 37-year-old previously told the Daily Star that Mimi satisfies his "sexual urges, reduces anxiety and boosts mental health," but there are negative effects too.

"I have mostly found all the resistance from my former social circles, I was very social, but support and understanding [come] from close family and friends," he said.

"I can tell that the people I used to party and socialise with still stick to the popular stigma of it.

"I'm only assuming that they are thinking I've given up on life or that I've fallen into some sort of spiral"

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Alexander says: "Almost all have stopped speaking or seeking to socialise with me, I suppose, out of fear of having to face that or the doll."

However, he added, those closest to him have realised the positives to come from his two-year relationship with Mimi.

"My close family and friends know it's the opposite [to a spiral] and that my life has improved in so many ways," he said, adding that his partner has helped him combat loneliness.


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