A bloke who was labelled as being “not fun enough” has won a court case against his employers who sacked him for not attending their boozy staff p***-ups.

The consultant, who worked for an outfit called Cubik Partners in France, was accused by his bosses of being a “professional incompetence”, but he has successfully sued them after he alleged that their company p***-ups involved “humiliating and intrusive practices”.

He has filed a claim for £400,000 compo, which will be considered by the court at a later date. For now, he’s been awarded damages of £2,500 after winning his case.

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The lengthy legal battle followed the bloke’s sacking in 2015 after he regularly turned down invitations for staff drinks because his colleagues would engage in “excessive alcoholism” and “promiscuity”, reports The Washington Post.

The man was named only as “Mr T” in documents submitted to the court.

In those documents, his legal team claimed the social events put on by Cubik Partners included the use of crude nicknames, mocking sexual acts and sharing a bed with another employee.

The company told the court that Mr T didn’t adhere to the company’s values and used a “brittle and demotivating tone” with his colleagues. They added that he didn't respond well to feedback and wouldn't tolerate different points of view.

Despite the company’s defence, the Court of Cassation came down on the side of the sacked Mr T and ruled that he had been unfairly kicked out.

The court said he was entitled to “freedom of expression”, and his refusal to participate in social activities was a “fundamental freedom”.

The judge said: “Mr T could not be blamed for his failure to integrate the values of the company, which [saw] the necessary participation in seminars and weekend parties frequently generating excessive alcoholism encouraged by [company] associates who made very large quantities of alcohol available.”

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Mr T joined Cubik Partners as a senior consultant in 2011 and became a director in 2014 before being fired the following year.

It’s just the latest occasion when France’s workplace culture has come under the spotlight.

Human rights group Defenseur des Droits said last year that a third of women it had surveyed had claimed to have suffered sexism while job hunting or trying to advance in their careers, reported RFI.

And nearly two thirds of them said they’d been discriminated against because of their physical appearance.


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