‘Body fridges’ and ‘box of ashes’ among creepiest finds, urban explorer says

An urban explorer has opened up about the scariest things they've come across while exploring abandoned buildings.

Daithi, the person behind the forgotten_treasures_irl TikTok account (@forgotten_treasures_ireland on Instagram) has travelled across Ireland exploring everything from disused hotels to mental health asylums.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said the "creepiest place" he and his friends visited was the now-closed Belfast City morgue.

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He told us: "There was so much equipment left… morgue tables, body fridges, and investigation report room for the PSI.

"And lots of small bits including a box for organ transplants with writing saying 'NHS human tissue for transplant'."

The most "bizarre" thing he's come across wasn't actually in the morgue, but rather a crematorium in Galway where there was a tin of Roses chocolates "full of ashes".

Other unsettling finds documented on the TikTok page include a room full of coffins and an old doll house. Not all of their finds are scary either – in one video they came across seven old rusty cars outside an abandoned mansion.

And sometimes the most unsettling thing isn't what they find, but rather the buildings themselves.

Daithi explained: "A couple of times in different asylums around Ireland, we have felt a bit uneasy about the structural integrity of the floors we were standing on.

"Luckily we haven't had any accidents but it is always a strong possibility if you don't watch your footing!"

Recalling one instance at an old hospital in Cork, he said they climbed to the top floor to find the attic floor "green and rotten with holes everywhere".

Having reached the very top and soaked in staggering views of the city, Daithi said it took a while to "gather the nuts to climb back down".

"All in all the most sketchy silly thing we have done and I will never do it again," he added.

Another scary encounter occurred at a disused factory in Navan when they heard another person sneak in.

Daithi explained: "There's only one entrance and it's down a really dark, horrible old warehouse. We searched every floor looking to say 'hello' to them but no sign, so we started to leave.

"We went under the roller shutter into the dark warehouse and walked into the pitch black. My friend stopped to take out his tripod to get a photo and I thought I noticed something back at the shutter.

"Two seconds later there is a pair of legs under the shutter so we shouted 'hello'. No reply. We say it one more time. Still no reply.

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"Safe to say we both ran the length of the warehouse like Usain Bolt trying to get to the finish line!"

Daithi's page is all about showing people forgotten history in Ireland, and he and his pals have a set of rules when exploring to make sure they're not damaging that history.

"Never break in or cause damage, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints," he explained.


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