Bodybuilders could be in trouble in a zombie apocalypse, warns undead researcher

Forget lifting weights – if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse you’d better start running and riding bikes.

People with good cardio fitness will have a better chance than beefy bodybuilders, an expert has claimed.

Dr Cameron Carlson is warning Brits to focus on endurance rather than aesthetic training to give themselves the best shot at survival.

Bodybuilders are unlikely to have the same stamina as a keen runner and won’t be as light on their feet.

For Dr Carlson, of the Zombie Research Society, the apocalypse will be about outrunning the undead rather than out-lifting them.

Cardio bunnies – gymgoers who daily go on treadmills and exercise bikes – will be able to travel on foot for longer distances without flagging.

Dr Carlson said: “Cardio is going to be the key thing because you’re not going to want to engage all the time.

“You’re going to be running a lot. And so your cardiovascular fitness is absolutely crucial for a zombie apocalypse.”

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He added that while most equipment in the gym is useless for apocalypse preparation, Brits could make use of spin bikes and treadmills to get their stamina up.

Some weight training may be useful to build strength but we need not worry about hitting heavy targets.

Dr Carlson added: “When it comes to physical strength, you don’t really need anything at the gym.”

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