Boeing 747 pilot with 9,500 hours’ flight time talks of craziest UFO encounters

A Boeing 747 pilot who has racked up nearly 10,000 hours of flight time has spoken out on some of the wilder, alien-like encounters he faced.

Christian van Heijst, a pilot with 9,500 hours of flight time under his belt, has spoken of strange technologies that hit 23,000mph and other hypersonic sightings.

Pilot Heijst has since "realised" that some of his stranger, unexplained encounters in the sky could be that of unidentified flying objects, after the US government confessed to the existence of UFOs.

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The 39-year-old pilot appears to have been "stunned" alongside some of the best pilots in the world at sightings of unexplainable airborne objects.

Speaking to The Sun, the Netherlands-born Heijst said: "I realised that what they described sounded very much like some of the strange things I have seen years before.

"I always thought it was some 'military stuff' I had seen, but now it was possibly something else entirely that even stunned some of the best US military pilots on record."

The pilot, with two decades of experience has claimed a "handful" of sightings during his lengthy tenure up in the skies.

He added: "If I see something that catches my eye, I immediately want to know if it is another aeroplane, something weather-related, military or anything else that might jeopardise my flight. Anything else is secondary."

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While Heijst does not have any formed theories on what those unexplained objects could be, he does hope it brings up clarity between colleagues.

He said: "Even rational explanations of some of the sightings might help other pilots to identify some spectacular, but mundane things they see from above.

"We might actually stumble on a rare and new atmospheric phenomena, but the only way we can be sure is to collect data and analyse it without bias.

"Some of my colleagues have seen some truly extraordinary things during their career, but they only discussed it with me once they felt they wouldn't be [ridiculed]. Getting rid of the stigma is a process that takes time, but we're getting there."

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