The boss of the factory behind Westworld-style sex robots has sat down on video to explain the massive misconception behind his line of work, claiming they’re not all "creeps and perverts".

US-based company Real Doll has built a reputation for making realistic sex dolls and has the negative reputation that comes along with that.

In a recent Instagram video, Head of Doll Production and Manager Sean Schaefer explained his background in the company and how he started off as a junior and in six years, worked his way to the top.

He wanted to make it clear, however, that they work in the creative industry, and the workers have little to nothing to do with sex.

Sean Schaefer says: "One of the weirdest misconceptions about this place is that we’re all creeps, perverts and just all-around weirdos.

"In actuality, most of the people here are special effects artists who have been in the industry, who’ve worked on movies, who work on stop motion, whose passions are just making cool stuff."

The company has always had a bad reputation due to the nature of their work, but they’re working to prove that there’s more to what they do than sex dolls.

"It’s not related to anything perverted or the sex industry at all," continues Sean.

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"If I tell people what I do they get pretty uncomfortable and they just kind of stop talking and try to avoid the subject or even change subjects as quick as they can.

"A lot of people just aren’t comfortable talking about the sex industry and technically we are a small corner within that."

It seems Sean’s message resonated with a lot of people. With comments such as "Man I wish I could work there!", "love this!", and even someone saying: "Dream job! Helped me realise my dream of a robotic clone of my favourite singer!"

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Fans of the company understand the work that goes behind doll production.

Last week, company co-owner and special effects artist, MD Wilson released a photo of him working on a mould pretty far removed from Real Doll's typical faces.

The picture's caption read: "It's not all sex dolls you know, we always have some interesting projects going on around the warehouse too! Can you guess what this one is?"

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It was a recreation of the Sci-fi film Hellraiser. Fans were impressed, saying: "I'm not going to lie – I was waiting to see eyes open there for a second 😛 It looks incredible."

This appreciation of the art and separation from sex is exactly what Sean wants, saying: "When I joined I wanted to up production, up the efficiency and we’ve done that.

"And to be honest, one of the biggest plusses is a lot of the stuff that gets messed up and destroyed here, I get to snag and get some killer Halloween costumes and decorations."

Real Doll continues to try and change the reputation of their workers.

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