Brian Blessed says ‘huge prehistoric apes roam China’ and ‘Russians caught Yeti’

Brian Blessed has claimed giant prehistoric apes are living in China.

The actor has been told there is proof the Gigantopithecus beasts – from around two million to 350,000 years ago – are roaming the nation.

He said: “This creature in China does exist.

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“The Chinese about 10 years ago, they sent several hundred soldiers and explorers and scientists into the remote parts of China because they were constantly getting reports of Gigantopithecus.

“They kept coming across it.”

The Flash Gordon star also claimed he has seen records that show the Russian Army caught an “Almas Giant” – another name for the Yeti – during World War II but had to release it because they were fleeing the Nazis.

He said: “The retreating Russian army in the Second World War, they caught an Almas Giant, they measured it at just under 10 feet, very docile, very frightened and they had they had to release it in the end because they had more things on their mind like the f***ing Germans that were coming at them with tanks.

"They let it go but they recorded it. Russia has the most amazing recordings of Sasquatch, Almas, Yeti…”

The actor is a keen climber and has conquered Everest three times as well as the Aconcagua in Argentina and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

He believes mythical creatures such as Bigfoot and the Chupacabra are all real.

And he said we humans don’t know what is really out there because there are so many places on Earth that are impossible to explore.

He said: “There are all these creatures alive in the Earth that we didn’t know f***ing existed.

“We don’t explore the world, we go to the f***ing Riviera, and go to hotels and beaches.

“These f***ing immense things are taking place.

“I’ve been to different places where people have seen them. There are many different types.”

He added: “Take places like Canada and Venezuela. I spent two weeks in Venezuela.

“If you go to Venezuela, you go to the airport and you come out and there in the distance are f***ing mountains nearly as high as Mont Blanc.”

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