Brit baffled at silver Heinz Ketchup, HP Sauce and Colman’s Mustard in jewellers

Brits have been left bemused at a jewellers displaying silver bottles of Heinz Ketchup, HP Sauce and Colman's Mustard among other UK favourites.

Reddit user soustersouster decided to take to the platform to share in his bizarre sauce discovery – bottles and jars which have sliver lids and are priced anywhere from £78 to £155.

"Saw these in the window of a jeweller this morning, is this a flex I am not aware of?" he asked the equally-confused Reddit community.

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Although the silverware sauces look very shiny and clean, users only had questions to ask of the strange discovery.

"Surely the acids in all those things would f**k the silver in no time?" someone asked, to which another replied: "YES!!!

"The vinegar in brown sauce alone would black that silver in no time. I guess the assumption is, that if you're swanky enough to own a silver brown sauce lid, then you're swanky enough to give a soft-cloth wipe down, followed by a spruce up with the old 'Silvo' polish every breakfast."

Other confused Brits chimed in on the discussion, with many worried the sauces would make their sandwiches taste like metal.

One said: "Would that not just make your sarnies taste of whatever minging chemicals go into silvo."

Someone added there was probably a layer of protection material inside the lid to stop such a thing from happening.

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But some were more focused on who would be able to afford such luxuries.

"If you have enough money to spend on a silver ketchup lid, you have enough money to buy another when it goes bad," the Reddit user declared.

Another commentator joked the silverware sauces were for "peasants", instead linking to a silver HP Sauce sleeve being flogged for a whopping £1,495.

The silver-lid Heinz Ketchup, HP Sauce, Colman's Mustard, Golden Shred Marmalade and Jam Jar are being flogged for £90, £95, £78, £110 and £155 respectively.


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