Brit tree surgeon spots Jesus’ face in trunk after felling for more sunlight

A bloke claims to have spotted the face of Jesus Christ in a tree he was cutting down.

Apprentice tree surgeon Callum Johnson was felling trees in Wantage, Oxfordshire, earlier this month.

And while chopping down a 13ft poplar tree that was being removed due to blocking the light of nearby houses, he made a remarkable discovery.

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For Callum, who lives in Benson, he says the image shows a defined head, nose, moustache, beard, eyes and classic Jesus-like flowing hair.

So convinced is Callum by the fact he found Jesus in a tree, he is now considering becoming religious.

Speaking about the finding, he said: “We were cutting a big poplar tree down, which was about 13ft tall as it was blocking sunlight to the nearby houses.

“As my colleague was cutting through the branch it fell on the floor and I instantly noticed the face of Jesus – we all looked at it and I thought it was amazing.

“It was pretty clearly defined – you could see the eyes and the beard.

“I'm not religious myself but after seeing that I may be open to considering it.

“I have never seen anything like this before, and my colleagues said that in their 40 years of doing it they'd never seen anything similar either.”

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However, as is common with the Internet, nobody could agree on whether or not it was actually Jesus.

Suggestions of look-a-likes ranged from Russia's infamous fortune teller Rasputin to singer Kenny Rogers.

Callum remains convinced it is in fact Jesus and now feels like the area should become a holy sight.

“Some people have been saying it looks like Bob Ross, people have suggested I sell it on eBay for loads of money,” he said.

“At this rate, it could become a place of pilgrimage.

“I'll definitely keep an eye out for this kind of thing in future.”

The Daily Star has contacted The Vatican for a comment.

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