Brit who eats roadkill says dead grey squirrel tastes like hazelnut chocolate

A Brit who has feasted on roadkill for years is now calling for rodents to be added to restaurant menus in the UK.

Tim Simpson has dined on roadkill for nearly three decades and claims they have a rather unexpected flavour.

Recalling a time he found a freshly squashed squirrel in Doreset, and cooked it up, he described the meat as tasting like hazelnut chocolate.

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Speaking to iNews, he said: “My abiding memory of eating freshly frazzled roadkill squirrel was that it tasted of hazelnut chocolate as most of the hedgerows in that area of Dorset are hazel”.

Tim, who runs a costume-designing business in Brighton, added that if the fuzzy-tailed animal were on a menu, he would order and eat it.

He has previously published a grey squirrel risotto recipe which featured on ITV’s This Morning – and left viewers divided.

Some people were disgusted with the idea of being served rodents, while others were intrigued by the ingredient, which may soon be available in restaurants.

According to the publication, restaurant menus around Devon and Somerset could see the addition, if the Exmoor Squirrel Project has anything to do with it.

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The project wants to cull grey squirrels to help boost the red squirrel population in the UK and to avoid waste, they’re calling for restaurants to cook them up.

Tim claims that the success of putting squirrel meat on any menu could depend on where the rodent comes from – adding that it affects the flavour.

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Speaking of the plans to cull grey squirrels, Tim said: “I can’t help feeling that the history of humans trying to control nature’s path… has never been all that successful. We just don’t know what path nature will take.

“There’s no guarantee that should we wipe out all the greys the reds would necessarily move into all the habitats the greys are currently occupying. We might just end up with a lot of dead squirrels and fewer engaging animals to look at.”

The Food Standards Agency does not recommend eating roadkill because the meat presents health and safety concerns to consumers.


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