Cryptozoologist Andy McGrath opens his case files for the Daily Star and shares blood-chilling run-ins with giant ape like monsters at all times of the day and night.

Could these be specimens be evidence of the existence of British Bigfoot?

Have you ever had an encounter with a terrifying, unexplainable creature? Tell us in the comments below…

The sightings in full…

Abernethy Forest, Strathspey, Scotland

In 2012, a former primate keeper and his brother witnessed a 7 foot tall ape-man, eating blackberries in Abernethy Forest. He described the creature as looking like 'an old Bonobo Chimp with a flat muzzle and an upright Gorilla’s body'.

Colchester, Suffolk

In June 2012 a couple were walking along a quiet road in the early afternoon when they saw a big hairy man in the woods, which they described as being between 6.5 – 7 feet tall.

The being was covered in hair, through which strong musculature could be seen. It had longer hair on its head and upper body.

Box Hill, Surrey

Late one evening in the summer of 2012 a jogger heard wood knocks and saw some sort of large muscular ape, stood on two legs and over 6 feet tall, covered in brown fur with grey patches.

Its face was very human looking with a flat nose and the jaw was big and out of proportion to the head, which was domed at the top.

After 30 seconds it left and she could smell a stale farm animal smell that lingered.

Tunbridge Wells Common, Kent

An eight-foot-tall bipedal Ape-Man, covered in hair with red demonic eyes is said to have been several times over the last 70 years on Tunbridge Wells Common, a 200-acre wooded site which sits in the centre of town.

The most recent sighting is believed to have taken place in October 2012, when a dog walker came face to face with the creature, which roared at him and made off into the woods.

Sherwood Forest, Nottingham

In 2013 a man was driving along the Worksop Road at about 4:50pm when he saw two figures stood just within the trees.

He described the big one as being male, about 6 and a half feet tall, with a weird shaped head like a chimp and a human-like face.

The other figure was about 3-foot-tall but looked the same as the big one, having a chimp-like head with a human face in it. They were both covered in brown hair.

Leigh Woods Nature Reserve, Bristol

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On August 17th, 2013, a Bristol resident witnessed an ape-like creature digging in the earth with a twig.

It appeared to pick something up and began eating it, before using another twig to pick its teeth.

The strange behaviour continued, with the witness claiming that it wove some twigs together, stood up, snapped a large tree branch; leaned it against another tree and walked off.

It was about 6 feet tall, old looking with grey skin. The witness described it as having human features on an ape-like head.

Gentleshaw, near Burntwood, Cannock

At around two o’clock in the morning one day in June 2013, three friends were parked down a lane when they claim that they saw a human shaped creature crouching on the ground nearby.

It suddenly stood straight up to a height of 7-8ft and ran towards them, rustling bushes and shaking big trees. The friends sped away and could see it keeping up with them in the trees.

Loscar Wood, near Sherwood Forest

In 2014 at around 11:15pm at night, a man was driving home after a day’s fishing. Passing woodland he saw a huge hair covered figure standing on two legs.

He slammed on the brakes and reversed to get a closer look at the creature, but it had gone.

Culloden battlefield, near Inverness

In 2015, a woman claimed that she saw a hair-covered humanish figure about 7 – 8 feet tall, walk across the cairns towards the direction of the battlefield.

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Haslingden, Lancashire

In 2015 a 17-year-old girl witnessed a large mousy blonde coloured creature standing in her kitchen doorway that looked like ‘Chewbacca’ from Star Wars.

She was on the phone at the time and said the creature poked his head and upper body around the doorway like he was checking who was on the phone.

They made eye contact for 5 seconds after which the creature left.

Middle Woods, Offton, Suffolk

In August 2015, a man walking in woodland suddenly became overwhelmed by a fear that he wasn't alone.

On leaving the area he heard a monkey go ‘woo woo’ and an almighty crashing noise. Suddenly, a two legged ‘thing’ like a chimp in colour but a gorilla in build, approximately 5’7 in height, came hurtling across the trail, using its long arms to knock aside the trees.

He noted that its arms were at least a third longer than his own.

Loch Awe, Scotland

In March 2016, around 1am, a woman driving home along the road that runs along Loch Awe saw a deer running across the road, followed by two large, tall, hairy man-like creatures.

She said that one was 8 feet tall and it was accompanied by a similar creature that was 2 feet smaller. Chillingly, their eyes glowed in the lights of her car.

Ellesmere, Worsley

On the 16th July 2016, a group of friends at witnessed a 7 feet tall, hairy man, with an odd shaped head on the golf course of Ellesmere Golf Club.

It was hunched over like it was old or injured and was making chattering sounds like an ape, swaying from side to side as if agitated; clapping its huge hands loudly.

The group then heard a loud wailing coming from another part of the trees and the creature turned and ran away.

Coleman's Caravan Park in Hassocks, Brighton

In May 2017, a married couple on a seaside holiday awoke to see a 'hairy thing' with its face pressed up against the glass of the caravan window.

The man sat up and lit his lighter and for a few seconds got a clear look at the creature.

He said it had a full beard with thin hair on top of its head and it was showing its teeth, which were like dog's teeth. The creature ran off.

Medway, Kent

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On 21st January, 2019 at 8:30 am, a woman was out in her horse paddock, when she became aware of somebody walking along the other side of the fence and bush line, roughly 150 yards away.

It struck her as odd as no one can get there easily there is a 30-foot drop to a freight rail line below.

As she turned to look at the figure, it ducked down behind a large bush. She realised that the figure was extremely large, as its head and shoulders towered above the bush which is over 6 feet tall.

What also struck her was that, although she only saw it take a few steps, the stride pattern was very wide.

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