A British couple who spent seven years driving across Europe in a motorhome decided to live in a Welsh car park over lockdown.

Frank and Ruth Rozalaar, who have spent their time travelling the continent since 2014, began calling a car park in Cardiff city centre home after coronavirus restrictions were introduced in November last year.

And the pair admit the pandemic has perfectly suited their unique lifestyle, WalesOnline reports.

“I’m so much healthier and so much happier when I have the van, it’s a slower pace of life,” said Ruth, 54.

“You get up, you open the door, you’re outside. Maybe you go swimming somewhere, and then you make fire and you cook your breakfast on the stove.”

The car park where they have chosen to stay costs £110 per month in pay and display tickets: “We’re kind of informal guardians of the car park,” said Ruth.

The couple rent out two houses, one in Cardiff and one in Devon, so they have an income which enables them to live the travelling lives they desire.

The van has solar panels and a compost toilet, which is sustainable, and they use a wood fire to stay warm.

After getting married in the Vale of Glamorgan in 2014, the free-spirited pair decided to pack up their lives into the 7.5-tonne motorhome they call Emma.

They began in Spain and planned to travel for a year, but it fast became more of a lifestyle than a holiday.

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Since their August wedding, they have honeymooned in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Morocco.

The pair, who first met in 1996, speak nine languages so submerging themselves in each culture was easy.

“As soon as you stop, there’d be people there wanting to talk to you. It was such an amazing experience, we just completely fell in love with the people,” said Ruth.

Frank added: “We very often leave the door open, and people can’t help but say hello, who are you, and you engage with people.”

Frank, 74, who is half Italian, a quarter English and a quarter Dutch, is now retired. Previously, he worked as an actor, clown, masseur, dance and language teacher.

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Ruth is German and teaches the tango. She is also a musician and language teacher but they call themselves “life artists.”

The couple also use mobile 4G hotspots to write a blog called tangoindevon. A typical day for the honeymooners starts at 6.30am, when they make breakfast, do some yoga and while Frank cooks, Ruth busks in Cardiff parks using her bandoneon, a type of concertina.

“It’s not a hobby, it’s an obsession,” she said.

“I’m a sort of eternal learner, you know? I love just creating my own sort of study programme.”

The couple were in Paris for the first lockdown, which they spent in the French city. In France, they would clap for the carers every night at 8pm and Ruth would then go outside to play music for them.

And they say they have no plans to change their lifestyle any time soon.

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