Britons urged to take simple steps to slash energy bills 30 seconds

UK government releases new energy saving advert

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In a new Government ad campaign, households have been urged to slash their energy bills in 30 seconds by making simple changes around the house. Over the past year, Britons have faced the worst impacts of a fossil fuel energy crisis, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent has sent wholesale gas prices to record highs. These prices have been passed down to Britons, who are currently paying an unprecedented £2,500 a year since October. The Government’s new public information campaign is aimed at encouraging households to use simple tricks to cut their energy use this winter.

Aside from helping families save money at a time when the UK is facing unprecedented energy bills, it could also bring down the UK’s energy consumption as a whole. This is in a bid to reduce the strain on the National Grid, reducing the risks of blackouts.

The Government’s new advertisement forms part of an £18million public information campaign that was originally blocked by then Prime Minister Liz Truss, who dismissed it as a move to “nanny” households. 

The television advert has begun screening during festive schedules from around 8.30am today on terrestrial and satellite channels, including ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

The £18 million “It All Adds Up” energy-saving campaign is aimed at raising awareness of “simple actions” that people can take to bring down the amount of energy needed to keep their homes warm and stay safe this winter, meaning they can slash their bills.

Business and Energy Minister Lord Callanan said: “The Government’s ‘It All Adds Up’ energy saving campaign is already getting important information out to millions of households across the country, showing them simple, low and no-cost tips to cut their energy use and bills this winter.

“Simple steps can make a big difference in cutting bills, while keeping homes warm and safe, and by launching this new TV advert, even more people will be aware and the savings will keep adding up for UK households.”

The advert urges Britons to take 30 seconds to make small changes such as turning down their boiler flow, switching off lights, closing curtains at night or reducing washing machine temperatures.

They estimate that reducing the boiler flow temperature, which is the temperature a boiler heats water to before it is sent to radiators from 75⁰C to 60⁰C, could save households £100 a year.

The advert states: “This is a 30-second ad – that’s not long but it’s long enough to do something that could save you money on your energy bills. Each one you do will be 30 seconds well spent, they all add up and could save you money.”

The Government suggests actions like turning appliances off at the plug, which could save £70 a year, and reducing heating loss from the property such as by draught-proofing windows and doors, which could save £60 a year.

Households looking for further information on energy savings tips have been advised to the “It All Adds Up” campaign at the GOV.UK website, which is running alongside the Government’s wider “Help for Households”.

The ad campaign also highlights longer-term energy efficiency upgrades, such as installing loft and wall insulation or fitting double glazing, which may have a higher upfront cost, but could help households save on bills for years to come.

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Given that the Government is heavily subsiding household energy use through the Energy Price Guarantee, urging households to lower their energy usage would save the Treasury money, helping close the massive deficit.

Liz Truss, who was replaced by Mr Sunak in October, previously blocked plans to launch a similar campaign as she was “ideologically opposed” to such a move. However, some of her colleagues described a public information campaign as a “no-brainer”.

The blitz also took inspiration from energy-saving campaigns in France and Germany. But while Britain will focus on saving money, continental campaigns put a greater emphasis on “patriotic duty”.

Aside from this campaign, the Government is also looking to boost energy efficiency in homes across the UK, through the ECO+ scheme launched by BEIS.

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