Brits can’t take world’s first sex robot seriously given doll’s ‘Glasgow accent’

A bizarre video of a talking sex robot has done the rounds on social media as it appeared to have a Glaswegian accent – leaving many in hysterics.

The clip, showing Realbotix CEO Matt McMullen discussing how the Harmony 2.1 robot will work, was shared alongside the caption: "The first sex robots are about to hit the market."

Matt explains how an app can be connected to the sex robot, allowing people to have a "conversation with it".

The robot then "comes to life" and says (in an undeniably Scottish accent): "Glad you came back so fast baby, I'm glad you came back that fast.

"Wow baby, ten minutes without you seems like an eternity."

Since being posted to Twitter yesterday, the video has racked up over four million views, over 15,000 retweets and 17,000 likes, reports GlasgowLive.

Glaswegians have been quick to react to the video, with folk in their droves taking to Twitter to express their surprise at the bizarre accent the robot seems to be using.

One wrote: "Why'd they make the robot be from Glasgow."

Another responded: "American sex dolls with a Glasgow uni accent who woulda thought it".

And a third tweeted: "Sounds like she goes to Glasgow Uni."

Others have pointed out that the sex robot sounds like the automated voice that greets passengers using trains heading for Glasgow Central station.

Another person tweeted: "Why’d they give her that accent. The next train at platform 1 will be – the – 12.15 – to – Glasgow Central."

Joining them was another who shared the video with the caption: "The next stop is, glasgow central, where this train terminates."

And a fellow Glaswegian did likewise, tweeting: "The next stop is… Glasgow Central Low Level."

Some argued that the accent sounded more Dundee than Glasgow, but regardless everyone was baffled by Realbotix's choice of tone for the new sex robot.

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