Brits join real life X-Files as they learn darks arts of UFOs on 10-month course

Brits are signing up to be real-life X-Files investigators.

Wannabe Mulders and Scullys are learning the “dark arts” of probing UFO sightings.

And bosses at The British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) say the 10 month course is “very much in demand”.

BUFORA, which has more than 1,000 members and was founded in 1964, gets around 250 sightings each year.

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A spokesman for the organisation said interest in its £60 course has spiked and slots are “totally full”.

Tutor Heather Dixon said modules include how to deal with sightings, and the importance of keeping detailed notes and photos.

Students are taught how to deal with organisations such as the police – and how to use astronomy software to rule out stars, planets and space junk.

Students eventually sit an exam to become an investigator. One candidate who passed the course recently said it was “mind expanding”.

Speaking anonymously, he said: “I went in with an idea of it being real Men in Black stuff, but in the end it was very straight-forward.

“I came away with an expanded mind and the ability to know fact from fiction.

“I believe aliens exist, and I believe they come down to Earth every now and again to check on our progress.

“I’m not sure if they want to be friends or whether they want to invade… but I hope I meet one before I kick the bucket.”

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BUFORA tutor Heather said: “The course takes a minimum of 10 months to complete and requires commitment and suspending various beliefs.”

“This (course) gives an in-depth understanding of the reality of the UFO subject and the central recurring theme of the human condition, our perceptions, our beliefs, our memories and how these all come together to try to define our interpretation of a sighting or high strangeness experience.”

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