‘Cabbie conned me out of £750 – so I ran my own CSI investigation to find him’

A Brit living in Australia has gone on a wild CSI-style investigation to work out who was nicking cash out of his bank account.

Joshua Fox, a radio presenter and creator of the @mafsfunny Instagram meme account, had been for a night out in central Sydney but noticed after that money had been leaking out of his account.

Feeling that his claims weren’t being taken seriously he decided to take matters into his own hands.

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Speaking to NCA NewsWire Fox, 31, explained how he blocked his card after the third transaction but was down around £740 while he waited for the bank to get his cash back.

“I just thought nobody is taking me seriously,” he said.

“If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.”

He explained that cash flow problems led him to take matters into his own hands.

Taking to Instagram he said: “I don’t wanna be $1300 down for a month and a half when we’re in a cost of living crisis”.

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He explained to his 12.2K followers that the bank said that getting the cash back could take 45 days, but stressed, “I’ve got bills to pay”.

He drew up a CSI-style board, with pictures and notes as he tried to join the dots and work out who it was that was taking his hard-earned cash.

During the work, he recalled how the taxi driver that took him home had said he couldn’t accept ApplePay and asked him to grab his bank card from inside the house to pay for the ride.

“I was in the taxi, me and the guy were chatting away like we were best friends, having the time of my life and then the next minute he’s robbed me of $1000”.

Despite having a receipt for $30.58AUD (£17) he couldn’t find the transaction on his bank statement.

It has to be him! He skimmed me!v” Fox said.

He reckoned the driver had used a skimming machine that was able to store his card details.

“I may have been drunk but I still have my accountant's incessant demand of “get a receipt for everything” ringing in my ears.

“So I did. Which means we’ve got the skimmer.”

Despite taking this to the police, he didn’t feel that enough was being done despite an investigation reportedly now being open,news.com.aureports.

His own investigation is still ongoing and has recently seen him trying to access the CCTV of shops involved in his night.

“I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want the taxi driver to keep doing this to other people”.

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