Can you make the hearts stop waving in this tricky brainteaser?

At first glance, these hearts, which can also be mistaken for leaves, appear to sway in an invisible wind.

Furthermore, the white lines create a contrast to the spacing between the rows of hearts.

The result is an optical illusion which relies on a pattern which merges into one moving image when we move our eyes around it.

According to the people behind the illusion, there is one simple trick to stop the hearts from waving.

The trick is to focus your gaze on a fixed point in the image to stop it from moving completely.

Optical illusions and brain teasers are just one way of testing the brain and stretching one of the body’s most important muscles.

The brain, like the arms, legs, and torso, is a muscle which needs to be exercised to keep it healthy.

Some experts have suggested that repeated brain teasers and other mentally stimulating activities such as crosswords could help reduce your risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia or its most common form, Alzheimer’s.

According to the charity, Alzheimer’s Society, one person is diagnosed with dementia in the UK every three minutes while one in three people will develop the condition in their lifetime.

While there are new treatments being developed for dementia, there is still no cure for a disease which affects more and more families every year.

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