Can you solve this head-scratching London brain teaser

Created by Brightside, this brain teaser asks you to solve a London-based riddle. In the image above you have two sentries standing near a red telephone box in front of a series of iconic buildings.

Accompanying the brain teaser is a riddle that said: “Two sentinels were looking in different directions, one was making sure that no one was coming from the West, the second one was looking toward the East.

“At some point, one of the sentinels asked the other: “What are you smiling about?” How could he know that his comrade was smiling?”

Can you work out the answer to this riddle in under ten seconds? Only those with a high IQ can.

Did you work out the answer to the question? No worries if not, the answer is below.

While brain teasers and brain puzzles may seem like a brief distraction on a commute or lunch break, they could have long-term benefits.

According to some experts, these puzzles and tests help to keep the brain healthy and sharp as these brain teasers regularly test different parts of the organ.

The healthier the brain is, the less likely someone is to develop a neurodegenerative condition such as dementia.

This isn’t to say doing brain teasers will reduce your risk of dementia, other factors such as lifestyle have a big impact, but they could help keep your mind in shape as you get older.

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