Cannabis helps women have MULTIPLE orgasms per sexual encounter

Is cannabis the secret to ORGASMS for women? Females who smoke before sex are more likely to climax multiple times, study suggests

  • Both men and women reported having better orgasms when using cannabis
  • The study notes that women stated they have multiple orgasms per encounter
  • Previous studies find women using the drug have twice as much satisfaction 

Cannabis use could be the key to multiple orgasms among women – as less than 50 percent report climaxing during a sexual encounter. 

A new survey of hundreds of people showed that women who smoke before sex or masturbate have improved orgasm capacity per encounter.

The study, conducted by North Carolina researchers, suggested this is likely due to the drug making women relaxed and increasing their desire, which means the recreational drug could treat sexual dysfunctions.

More than 70 percent of the study participants – both men and women – reported heightened sexual satisfaction after cannabis use.

A new study finds cannabis use among women can help them have multiple orgasms per sexual encounter. The findings suggest the drug could treat sexual dysfunctions

The relaxation is believed to be due to THC, the best-known cannabis plant’s cannabinoids or active components.

The chemical structure of THC is similar to the brain chemical anandamide, which acts as a neurotransmitter, sending chemical messages between nerve cells throughout the nervous system.

These neurotransmitters affect brain areas that influence pleasure, memory, concentration, movement and sensory and time perception.

Because of the similarity in structure, THC is recognized by the body and, therefore can alter normal brain communication.

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‘Overall, cannabis use tends to have a positive influence on perceived sexual functioning and satisfaction for individuals despite gender or age and cannabis might help to decrease gender disparities in sexual pleasure,’ the researchers wrote in the study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

The research was conducted by East Carolina University and North Carolina State University scientists, who set out to understand the influence cannabis has on sexual functioning and satisfaction.

While the study focused on men and women, the researchers discuss how the latter typically has less consistent orgasms. 

‘While more than 90 percent of men report usually experiencing orgasm during sex, less than 50 percent of women regularly experience orgasm during intercourse and only six percent reported always experiencing an orgasm during sex,’ reads the study.

The study also looked at if cannabis increases touch, taste and smell, senses that can make or break sexual encounters.

More than 70 percent of participants reported heightened touch and taste after cannabis use, which could increase overall sexual functioning and satisfaction because the two are major parts during intercourse – and even more for women.

Participants were also questioned about their masturbation behavior. 

Three questions were asked: whether or not participants masturbate, if participants use cannabis before masturbating, and if so, how cannabis affects their pleasure while masturbating. 

The study notes this is likely due to the drug making women relaxed and increasing their desire, allowing them to have improved orgasm capacity

Approximately 88 percent reported they have masturbated and 76 percent stated they used cannabis before the act, which led to the final answer of 62 percent having intense climaxes.

Another finding was that intense organisms, when under the influence, only occurred when cannabis was intentionally used before sex. 

‘These results may be because of the mental mindset that using cannabis will increase pleasure due to the aphrodisiac notions of cannabis rather than a true physiological effect,’ the researchers wrote in the study. 

‘However, the relaxation effects of cannabis may contribute to increased desire or reduced inhibitions that might contribute to increased sexual functioning and satisfaction.’ 

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