Cat lovers in hysterics after finding ‘world’s most scouse feline’ online

The UK is home to over 67million people who speak in more than 40 different accents but those accents are usually just the domain of humans.

However, social media users claim to have found a cat that meows like a Scouser which naturally left people in hysterics.

In the video, which was shared online by the cat's owner, on their @Phineasthecat account, showed the feline making a remarkably long meow sound, which they found hilarious.

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Phineas, who has a neurological condition that affects his movement, was seen on the bed making a lot of racket in the video, which the owner captioned: "Phin's cerebellar hypoplasia certainly doesn't diminish his confidence!"

But the TikTok clip quickly went viral, gaining more than 1.5million likes, as viewers declared Phineas clearly has Liverpool accent.

One user wrote: "Why does the cat have a scouse accent? someone anyone tell me you hear it too."

Another commented: "Proof my theory that animals have accents is true."

"As a scouser, I can confirm that is a scouse meower. " a third wrote.

A fourth said that "he probably looks up to Gerrard" – referring to Liverpool football legend Steven Gerrard.

The clip was even shared on Virgin Radio UK by Chris Evans on his breakfast show which left his co-host Rachel Horne struggling to contain her giggles.

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Chris said: "Rachel is now trying not to be heard laughing on the radio so she's not complicit in this whole thing."

However, not everyone agreed as some claimed to have been able to hear accents from other regions or simply declared the "world's gone mad" after watching the viral clip.

One user argued: "100% feel this is a Belfast accent, not a scouse one."

A second wrote: "The world's gone mad."

Unfortunately for fans, the so-called "scouse cat" isn't based in Liverpool as he lives with his owners in Sydney, Australia.


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