A pole dancer who performs in a racy Catwoman costume has launched an OnlyFans page after running into money troubles on Facebook.

Vialeta Kudrevich says she is now raking in cash on the exclusive content sharing platform after she stopped getting paid for views on social media.

The Belarusian life coach and fitness trainer from Boulder in Colorado, US has told the Daily Star why she felt forced to join glamour models and porn stars on OnlyFans.

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Vialeta explained that she woke up one day to discover Facebook had simply decided to cut off all revenue she makes from views on her incredible pole dancing videos.

She said: "They just turned off monetization from my pole dance videos. I contacted support and they say that they will investigate my case."

Pole dancing may not being Vialeta's full time job, but with clips of her in action gaining thousands of views each it has become a tidy bit of bonus income for her.

OnlyFans' reputation of being centred around sex had previously put Vialeta off creating account but Facebook's unexplained decision to stop monetisation left her with little choice.

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Vialeta told the Daily Star: "I was thinking about about creating OnlyFans for a long time and yes, the reputation of the platform stopped me from that."

"But one day I realised that I have to try."

One thing the super-fit trainer has pledge she will not do however is strip off on camera, which is not proving to be an issue for her fans.

She said: "I am not posting nudes or any sexual content there. I post mostly pole dance video or stretching videos. I have spent ten days on OnlyFans so far and I've got 200 followers and made about $300 (£260).

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"People still tip me for my pole videos even if it no nudes."

Facebook has now turned monetisation back on for Vialeta's content but is yet to say why it was stopped in the first place.

The Daily Star is waiting for a reply from the social media platform's parent company Meta after requesting an explanation.

When she is not recording videos of her impressive stunts on a pole while dressed like DC Comics character Catwoman, Vialeta is training students online and in person at her studio.

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"I started teaching pole dance about a year ago," Vialeta revealed. "I saw a TikTok of girls in Catwoman suit and I decided to repeat it but my followers really liked it so I started to record more videos like that. So yes, the costume is really popular with my fans.

"I can say that in Facebook I have mostly admirers but in my other social media like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube I have mostly pole students."


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