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A man was spooked when he caught an "alien" that reminded him of Gollum in Lord of the Rings stalking around a cottage in the woods.

Douglas Windsor McLoney III said the mysterious bony creature "moves like a human but with knee caps backwards".

He explained in a Facebook post that it showed up at one of his cottages by the Red River Gorge in Moorhead, Kentucky on July 8.

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"There's two videos actually, but it shows the way the thing moves, and it doesn't move like a human…reminds me of Smeagol of Lord of the Rings," he wrote.

"But in the last picture you can see the ribs, and pretty much the bones."

The black and white footage picks up a grainy image of the moving creature as it walks around a pickup truck and behind a cabinet.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the creepy figure in the video and many got goosebumps watching the clip.

Some suggested it could be a human in a morph suit or a "naked grandma".

"Oh my goodness, that's freaking creepy!" one said and a second wrote: "That is not human at all!"

"Could it be a slender man? Skin walker? Crazy things going on down there," a third suggested.

But some viewers were disappointed by the clip, with one saying: "I feel like this looks like a person in a body suit."

Another added: "'You can see its face clearly right there' Ma'am I'm looking at 17 pixels ain't nothing clear about it. This is just a dude in a morph suit trying to act creepy."

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