‘Cereal offender’ leaving breakfast food outside home has mum ‘scared for kids’

A mum from Buckinghamshire has been left dumbfounded by a mystery stranger repeatedly leaving boxes of cereal on her doorstep.

Hengameh Shahroodi, from Amersham, was confused when she opened her door one Saturday to see the breakfast food sitting in front of her home with no explanation.

The mum-of-two said she laughed it off, but after the "cereal offender" started striking every Saturday, she got the police involved.

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"It is kind of childish, it’s not very serious but it’s upsetting because we don’t know. I’ve started worrying if I can leave kids alone," she told Bucks Free Press.

"First time was at 8.30pm, there was loud banging on the door and one big cereal box and a bit of milk and a spoon had been left outside.

"My husband went to the door and it was just behind the door. We thought it was a joke."

But it soon became clear the incident was no laughing matter. On March 18, the next week, the offender struck again, knocking on the door and leaving behind a large box of cereal, along with several smaller ones, on the doorstep before running away.

The third time it happened, all the boxes left on the doorstep had been opened.

Ms Shahroodi told the publication her husband went outside to try to catch the perpetrator and saw someone running away from their home, but couldn't be sure it was the same people who had left the strange calling card.

Ms Shahroodi says she lives in a safe neighbourhood but says the incident has left her concerned for the safety of her and her children, aged 10 and 17.

After a third incident took place on March 25, Ms Shahroodi took to the neighbourhood app Nextdoor to ask other residents in the area to look out for "a sign we don’t recognise or know."

Neighbours were just as confused and suggested she may have fallen victim to a prank or strange social media trend.

Police have now gotten involved after the third incident and they believe it could amount to anti-social behaviour.

When the family were away last Saturday (April 1), no cereal boxes were left outside.

A statement from the police said: "Thames Valley Police is investigating a series of incidents that have occurred in Woodfield Farm on 11, 18 and 25 March in which cereal boxes have been left outside of a property.

"An investigation is ongoing."

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