Charles Manson fanatics pay £1100 to get cult leader’s ashes tattooed on leg

A couple from New York have paid over £1,100 to get portraits of cult leader Charles Mansontattooed on their legs, with some of Manson's ashes mixed into ink.

Patrick Boos told TMZ that his wife, Deanne, initially wanted to be the first woman with a tattoo that had the cult leader's ashes in, and he didn't want her to be alone so he got one himself.

Boos' Manson portrait features on his thigh, with Deanne's on her lower leg.

The pair of Charles Manson fanatics opted to get a portrait of the leader on their legs, with Boos already having an X on his forehead to match Manson's own tattoo he carved into his head every day during his trial.

The 45-year-old also has 'Helter Skelter' tattooed on the side of his head in reference to the Beatles song as it was the name Manson adopted for the race war he encouraged his followers to start.

Both of these tattoos had Manson's ashes mixed into the ink.

The couple got their tattoos from the artist Ryan Gillikin, also known as Ryan Almighty, who mixed Manson's ashes in with the red and black ink to create the creepy artwork.

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Gillikin wrote on Instagram: "[I] spent an amazing evening with the infamous Patrick Boos and his wonderful family last night.

They got matching tattoos both based on my blood portraits of the old man, with something very special mixed in for good measure and the ultimate memento mori and tribute to Charlie."

The 'Manson Family' were a cult who followed the killer, and they too carved the X's into their faces during his murder trial.

Following his first two tattoos, Boos told Vice "it's weird that Charles is a part of me now" and said "we really don't know" if Manson is responsible for the multiple slayings he was convicted of.

But he insisted he doesn't want to start a race war or to be like the infamous inmate, and called himself a 'nobody'.

Boos said he was "sad for the victims" slaughtered, and that Manson "is now forever infamously party of history, and I chose to have that DNA history a part of me."

"We really don’t know if Charles Manson did anything other than being a cult leader – he may have sent others to kill, but he claims he had nothing to do with it," he said.

After Manson's death in prison in 2017, there was a long legal battle over the fate of his remains, with his grandson, Jason Freeman, eventually winning.

He said he was going to cremate the body and spread the ashes.

A friend of Freeman, Tony Millar, managed to get his hands on some of his ashes and give them to Gillikin.

Boos told Vice: "Long story short, Miller grabbed a handful of cremains at the spreading of the ashes.

"Miller and Freeman then had a falling out over Miller selling funeral pamphlets without giving Jason his cut."

Since then, Gillikin has used the ashes in various pieces of his own art, from masks to tattoos for Boos, as well as tattoos for Manson's former pen pal Jason Michael Jones.

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