Christmas dinner obsessive who’s eaten 146k Yorkshire puds says he’ll never stop

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    A bloke utterly infatuated with the humble Yorkshire pudding claims to have scranned a huge 146,000 of them and has revealed the reason he loves them so much.

    Middlesbrough man Jake Farrar has self-claimed the title of the country's biggest Yorkshire pud fan and says he'll be chowing down loads of them during the Christmas period.

    The savoury snack sensation has more than 50,000 followers on TikTok that he shares an abundance of Yorkie videos with – but one video has gained extra attention.

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    Jake's had more than 1.1 million views on a viral clip of himself on This Morning, where he talked over his obsession, reports LadBible.

    He says: "I grew up absolutely loving Yorkshire puddings. It was even at a point where I was restricted on how many I could have on my plate."

    However, now as an adult, Jake can pretty much eat all the Yorkies he wants – with no one able to tell him to stop.

    He thinks the most he's had in one day is 20 – but reckons he can demolish an incredible 200 over the festive period – adding to the 146,000 he claims to have already scoffed.

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    In total, he estimates he's eaten 146,000 whether as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks – Jake isn't afraid to do it all.

    And while most would have them just with a Sunday or Christmas dinner, he has previously got quite creative with it – using a Yorkshire as a shepherd's pie holder, a wrap for sausages and even an ice cream cone.

    Jake also admitted his favourite Yorkie was the classic Aunt Bessie's, but that he'll whip up his own if he has the time – on average spending around £50 a month of the savoury treats, not the most expensive habit that's for sure.

    Asked on This Morning whether he still manages to get his five a day in, he said: "Oh yeah. I will say that I'm in the best shape I've been in 'cause over the past year I've actually lost five stone."

    Also preparing for Christmas the Yorkshire pudding way, a gran from South Yorkshire has struggled to fit her Yorkies in the oven due to their massive size.

    A gran has gained thousands of fans after she posted a picture of her 23-inch Yorkshire puddings, which she baked in her "normal size oven", on Facebook.

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    Victoria Rushton, 55, was flooded with questions about her 23-inch supersize Yorkies after her daughter tagged her in a post that asked users to show their best Yorkshires.

    Victoria said: "I was just like wow. My daughter asked me if I had seen the post and I hadn't. She said there was thousands of comments, thousands of likes and thousands of shares.

    "It was just absolutely wow – I just couldn't believe it."


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