Cigar-shaped UFO returns as mysterious craft spotted from plane over California

A plane passenger was left spooked when they saw a cigar-shaped UFO travelling towards the plane before it disappeared in the clouds.

Truth-seekers and UFO fanatics were excited to see metallic "tic-tac" appearing in the very same hotspot where a similar cigar-shaped object was seen hovering Orange County in California two years ago.

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring shared the footage on his YouTube channel "UFO Sightings Daily" to show what the flight passenger saw on March 11.

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A silver-like, rectangular spot can be seen moving at a steady pace when the camera is zoomed into the clouds.

It moves towards the right at a similar altitude as the plane.

The passenger told Scott that they were on a Southwest Airlines flight heading towards San Diego and the tic-tac appeared when the plane was flying over California.

They described the UFO as a "white cylinder craft with no wings, windows, markings or discernible features".

"It was moving in a constant path – it didn't move fast or hover," they continued.

"It was just moving at a constant speed and disappeared into the clouds. The tic-tac UFO also has no visible means of propulsion or exhaust, plumes.

"I recorded it on my phone with a video for about 18 seconds before the tic-tac disappeared."

A UFO researcher previously told Daily Star that snake-like flying objects could be some unknown life forms.

Blake Cousins said in a 2019 interview: "I do believe that there are inter-dimensional biological life forms.

"They could be biological UFOs that are alive, an organic body father than a mechanical ship."

Some viewers were convinced that this could be another encounter.

But others brushed off the wild theory and said it's more likely to be another passing plane.

"It's an airplane, you are filming a passing passenger jet out of focus," one said.

Another said: "This could be absolutely anything. The video isn't good enough to give the time of day unfortunately."


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