Millions of viewers can't get enough of a cleaning company's clean-up videos of bloody crime scenes.

US-based Spaulding Decon are crime scene and biohazard clean-up specialists. Some of their jobs include scenes of homicides, hoarding, and even homes where a body has been found after a long period of time.

Since last summer, the company began sharing their work on TikTok under the handle @crimescenecleaning.

They have gained more than 4.2 million followers and 32.2 million likes.

While the app is known for memes and viral dances, Spaulding Decon offers gruesome footage of bloodied walls and decomposing floor boards, the Mirror reports.

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One of their most viewed videos is that of a clean-up job that unfolded after a welfare check on a middle-aged man ended with the discovery of his body.

The footage shows an intense cleaning operation, with one of the crew members having to remove the skirting boards as decomposition had seeped into the wall.

That said, many of the videos put a light-hearted spin on some pretty terrible situations, often following TikTok trends or reacting to other users' videos.

Many are also commentary and "hacks" videos, with one explaining how to get blood out of fabrics and carpets (three per cent hydroperoxide in a spray bottle, leave it soak, and hoover it up, don't blot it – if you're interested).

The franchise's headquarters are based in Tampa, Florida, but has 45 businesses across the United States. They mainly specialise in biohazards, water restoration, hoarding, crime scene and drug lab clean-ups.

Although TikTok has strict guidelines regarding graphic content, Spaulding Decon’s main aim is to educate others, so they make an exception.

The company had originally planned a reality TV show but that fell through. This then led the team to create their own social media accounts to document their day-to-day work.

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