A mum was left puzzled when she received a two feet tall plastic T-rex after ordering a star decoration for the top of her Christmas tree.

Chloe Hewitt, from Wiltshire, ordered a dainty Woodland Star Tree Topper from The Range but instead received the dinosaur toy in a surreal delivery mix up.

The 25-year-old first realised something had gone wrong when she received a giant parcel much bigger than the 10-inch decoration she was expecting, but decided to roll with it and put the dino on the tree.

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Chloe double-checked her order confirmation to ensure she hadn't made a mistake and also checked her dinosaur-mad daughter Skyler hadn't changed the order.

Now, the dinosaur has pride of place on the family's tree – where Chloe says he'll now stay – even if a replacement star is found.

Chloe, from Westbury, Wiltshire, said: "I spotted that one on The Range's website and I thought 'ooh I like the glitter on that, I'll have it. Only £3.99, bargain'. Then I got a knock on the door on Tuesday and I asked, 'is this for me?'.

"I was quite confused when it arrived, I expected the parcel to be a tiny thing and this box was massive. I remember thinking 'oh no I've ordered some kind of gigantic star'. I opened the box and I saw this weird pattern, I got a bit scared, I was like 'oh my god what is in this box?'

"I didn't want to take it out because I didn't know what it was, it could have been anything. I picked it up by its belly and then it started roaring at me. It was this gigantic T-Rex which my daughter's now nicknamed Tree-Rex.

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"She loves dinosaurs, so was in her element. I said to my partner, how on earth have they confused a tree topper with a giant dinosaur?

She added: "We put the tree up the day before and I've stuck him on a branch, he's just balancing there. I'm under strict instructions not to move him. Skyler said that even if the star comes it's not going on the tree, the dinosaur's staying. Anything to keep her happy."

A spokesperson for The Range said: "Clearly there was an error in our delivery service on this day but we are so pleased Skylar received a surprise gift which made her day a bit more roar-some.

"We have now contacted the customer and have gifted her the correct tree topper. We wish the family a very Merry Christmas."

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