UFO fanatics were freaked out when they were convinced to have spotted an "alien Secret Service agent" during a 2012 AIPAC conference.

Truth seeker Scott C Waring, who is known for making outlandish claims, said he spotted the odd-looking agent in a news clip which showed Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, holding a conference with Israeli politicians.

Sharing his bizarre discovery on YouTube, he said: "Look at his skin, every other person's skin is normal. He has a greenish green.

"His neck is thicker than a normal person. His ears are like bulges of skins. His nose is flattered, his mouth almost doesn't exist. It's just not normal," he said while putting the footage on repeat.

"There is no explanation in this. This is a man in Obama's Secret Service group."

With no evidence whatsoever, Scott wildly claimed the man could "subtly manipulate Obama's mind and change his decision through telepathy".

He even suggested the man could be "an alien grown from a petri dish" in a secret laboratory.

Alien fans were spooked when they saw the footage resurfaced and some believed the "alien" could only be exposed on camera.

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One wrote: "His ears are so weirdly shaped including those weirds dents above his abnormally large neck. Great find Scott."

A second called the footage "freaky" and commented: "I wonder if the camera revealed his true persona and to everyone else in the room. He looked normal but the camera saw something else."

But others brushed off the wild alien theories and said it could be just lighting issue.

"Nothing strange, a bald guy in a darker zone on the foreground, small ears and nose and prominent cheek," a viewer commented while another went into details to check for other footage and provided some time stamps, saying: "You can see him from the front.

"He is clearly a human."

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