Controversial singer filmed getting two more fans on stage to perform oral sex

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    More outrageous antics have been filmed at a performance by MC Pipokinha, the Brazilian singer who once allowed a fan to perform oral sex on her on stage.

    The funk star, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, is no stranger to racy controversies.

    As well as on stage sex acts, she was filmed allowing cats to suck her nipples and once entered the cockpit of a plane to flash the pilot.

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    The hypersexual nature of her shows has led to some being cancelled.

    Footage has now emerged from her performance in Sorocaba, São Paulo, on Saturday (August 5) showing yet more on stage oral sex.

    This time, one male and one female fan appeared on stage performing fellatio on a plastic sex toy held by one of MC Pipokinha's backing dancers.

    The caption on the video shared on X read: "Meanwhile, at the MC Pipokinha show here in Sorocaba…" It has since been viewed more than 150,000 times.

    Replying to the video, one person asked: "Is this what you call entertainment/show?"

    Another said: "By God I wanted to unsee…" A third said: "I couldn't even finish the video I was so embarrassed."

    Earlier this year some politicians in Brazil tried to get people under the age of 18 banned from attending MC Pipokinha's shows, branding them "pornographic".

    Councillor Ivanilson Marinh in Gurupi even sent a request to a judge regarding one of her shows in April.

    It read: "Considering all the sexuality that the artist brings to using a childish appearance, as well as the various scenes of innuendo and real sex that the artist and her dancers do on stage; […] considering the content of the singer's lyrics that extrapolate in sexual terms, being absolutely inappropriate for minors…

    "I attend Your Excellency's presence to request a ban on the entry of children and teenagers to the funk artist MC Pipokinha's concert to be held in Gurupi on April 6."

    MC Pipokinha now has hundreds of thousands of followers online and flogs racy videos on a subscription site.

    She is also tipped to appear on the upcoming series of Brazilian reality show The Farm, which is similar to Big Brother.

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