A couple are convinced they've shared their bed for a week with a ghost dog.

Michael Lee, 47, said he and his husband Blair Lee, 43, believe the poltergeist pup has been with them while they watch TV in bed.

He said they initially thought it was their pet cat Maggie but she wasn't there and they claim it was too heavy to be their feline anyway.

Michael decided to try and capture evidence using an infrared camera and claims when he asked "is anybody there?" he was met with a "high pitched howl", according to the Liverpool Echo.

When asked "are you a dog?" he said he heard the howling once more, convincing him they were being visited by a ghost hound.

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Michael, from Southport on Merseyside, said: "About five in the morning, I thought the cat had come on the bed to wake us up for food, but the cat was nowhere to be seen.

"It was like footprints that were coming slowly on the bed, then lay on my foot. It lays crossways."

He also shared a picture showing a dip in the bed which, apparently, is where the ghost dog is "lying".

"It is quite heavy, too heavy to be a cat," he continued. "It doesn't scare me, you know what it might be and what it couldn't be.

"It's not going to harm you. It is a poltergeist but ghosts don't seem to do any harm anyway.

"All it does is just lie on my feet, that's all it does. I have my partner as a witness who has seen the dip in the bed. When I asked if the ghost was there the other day, he heard the noise it made. There's no way a cat would make that noise, it must be a dog."

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