A woman has created the most incredible Halloween home, by turning her property into a mega ghost ship – and is opening her doors for visitors to have a spooky look around.

The creepy decorations have been done in the hopes of raising money for a grieving family.

Lorna Smith and partner Carly Jennings are opening the home on Hawthorne Road in Bootle, Liverpool, for Halloween fans to come and explore in order to raise funds for the family of Karen Moore and Shay Moore who died earlier this year.

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A donation bucket will be left outside the house of horrors, which looks like something out of the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

A giant skeleton tops the ship, while the fence posts are lined with skulls – something the neighbours either side of will surely love to see when they go to work early in the dark Autumn mornings.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Lorna said: “We did the same last year and we had people queueing down the road past the pub.

“My partner Carly is close to the Moore family and we wanted to do something for them. They have had such a tough time and we thought it would a nice gesture."

“I just love it and we went with a ghost ship theme for this year. We even have an 'Octopus man' and some other surprises too.

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“This is exclusively for Halloween – I will be out at the gate from dark and we expect to let groups of six to eight in from around tea time.

“I am hoping for big numbers and we hope people give generously.”

Social media users are already loving the Halloween ghost ship home.

One user wrote: “Love fact she does this every year for different causes!!!

“Altho am thankful there's no dolls this year – always makes the school run fun (sic).”

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And another wrote: “We will a million percent be coming down to show our support, I never knew this was for the Moore family.

“Shay was a very good friend of mine such heartbreaking circumstances.”

A third commented: “Restores your faith that there are decent people out there when you read something like this!”

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