COVID cases rise again in the UK just days before Christmas

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The number of people in England who have been admitted into hospital after being infected with Covid has risen by 22 percent in a week, just days before Christmas. According to data published by NHS England, there were 6,720 people in hospital with the coronavirus on December 14, rising from 5,501 on December 7. This rise in cases could be cause for concern for many families, who may choose to self-isolate if they test positive. Despite this no longer being a requirement, it could be in order to protect vulnerable members of their family this Christmas. This rise in cases has resulted in the number of mechanical ventilation beds occupied by confirmed Covid patients rising from 129 to 150 over the same week period. 

However, this rise in cases differs across various parts of the UK, with the southwest seeing the number of beds occupied by Covid patients rising from 466 to 726, a 56 percent increase.

Infections have also been on the rise and are currently at their highest levels since the end of October, with one in 45 testing positive in some areas, according to ITV. 

The number of people testing positive for the virus in the UK has surged by 16 percent to 1.3million the week up to December 5, up from 1.1million in the previous week.

During the same week, official figures from revealed that one in 50 people were estimated to have Covid in England, rising from one in 60 the week prior. 

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) weekly infection survey, showed that this figure was one in 45 in Northern Ireland in the week ending December 3, compared to one in 50 the previous week.

In Wales, one in 55 were reported to have tested positive for COVID-19 that week, while in Scotland, the estimate was one in 50, rising from one in 60 the previous week.

Even though it is no longer mandatory to self-isolate after testing positive for the virus, current NHS guidance advises people to stay at home and avoid contact until they no longer have symptoms.

In August, a study from the Imperial College London found that a quarter of people were still infectious even a week after the symptoms first started. 

The study, published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal, advised that people should self-isolate while testing positive, however, they may leave isolation 10 days after their symptoms began.

With less than a week until Christmas, experts warn that many of the people catching Covid today would still be infectious on December 25.

Michelle Bowen, Head of Health Surveillance Dissemination and Strategy, said: “Across most of the UK we have seen infections begin to increase again, with England now at similar levels to the end of September this year. The trend in infections varies across the English regions and ages, and we will continue to monitor the data carefully as the winter months progress.”

While Covid cases may be rising millions of Britons are being urged to help save the NHS by getting jabbed for the flu in the most critical week of its history.

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A second walkout by nurses tomorrow, and ambulance staff on Wednesday, has raised fears the service could collapse. The plea comes as for the first time this year, hospital admissions for flu are outstripping those with Covid.

Former nurse and health minister Maria Caulfield said: “Now is not the time to be complacent. Take up much-needed protection for yourself and those around you – it might be the best gift you can give this Christmas.”

Huge strain on NHS services is showing, with the number of patients with flu in general and acute beds every day last week at 1,162 – up by almost two-thirds on the previous week.

Meanwhile, the number experiencing the most serious illness for flu was also up, with 87 patients in critical care beds – almost 50 per cent higher than the previous week.

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