A man is convinced he has captured footage of an alien 'humanoid' creeping into his bedroom in CCTV footage taken while he was sleeping.

David Eckhart from Pensacola, Florida, had a CCTV camera mounted above his bed and was stunned when watching footage back to see the 'creature' appear in his doorway one night as he lie just feet away.

A small alien-like figure appears to poke its head round the corner and can be seen full length against the backdrop of yellow-tinted light shining from outside the room.

It looked only a few inches in diameter and around two to three feet tall, while David even claims it is not the first time he has seen one.

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The footage, shot in 2006, has come to light in a recent episode of the Sky History TV series The Proof is Out There, with the show suggesting the 'humanoid' has similar specifications to that of a grey alien.

The shape of its head and its long skinny legs are consistent with that of 'greys'.

Speaking in the episode, author and Journalist Alexis Brooks, said: "It is very rare I have found an individual that has only had one experience.

"Variably, there are often multiple experiences dating back to childhood."

The video was shared to YouTube on the Sky History account, prompting several comments from viewers, though some aren't convinced.

One person said: "I was a skeptic but when u have such a professional CLEAR image like this I’m all in brah…"

A second added: "At least the resolution coincides with the year but you would think that a cctv camera would be able to focus in from a distance. I’m calling bs on this one."

Meanwhile, a third said: "Why is it anytime there’s footage it’s always blurry af what a scam."

David has spoken about his various experiences on a number of podcasts and platforms down the years and remains convinced of their authenticity.

He believes extraterrestrials have been following him since childhood, including to his family home in Pensacola, hence his reasoning for setting up cameras.

Speaking on Fact or Faked in 2011 about his footage, David, appearing alongside wife Jean, said: "I'm seeing people in that house. I don't want to call them aliens because they've dark eyes, little short people."

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Wife Jean said: "I don't know what they were, best way I can describe them is the movie Predator, sparkles in the air, you could see silhouettes." Jean added that the aliens had been visiting them for a while and she feels the visits began prior to them moving into the house.

David added: "You can touch them when they're in a transparent state and it feels like a wet static electricity."

Asked if he was certain his claims were not part of a hoax, Eckhart replied: "Absolutely. I would put my hand on the bible. I was just trying to investigate. Everything I did was an experiment."


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