Everyone's heard the age-old joke about the Welsh and their sheep.

But new stats from the Department of Justice have disproved this notion entirely and revealed the English are the real 'animal lovers'.

The Daily Star approached the Ministry of Justice to find out how many bestiality convictions there had been in England and Wales since 2010.

Bestiality, as you would expect, is a registered criminal offence and carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

It is an offence to penetrate or be penetrated by a living animal.

Although interestingly, there is no law against intercourse with a dead animal according to CriminalDefenceSolicitors.com.

Thankfully the data reflects that instances of bestiality are very low with only 29 convictions since 2010.

By nationality, the English have been responsible for a whopping 27 of these.

The Welsh meanwhile account for just 2 cases.

The most popular year for the crime was 2010 when 5 people succumbed to their filthy desires – all of whom were English.

In addition, 2012 and 2017 each saw four convictions.

Interestingly after two fallow years in which no convictions were upheld, 2020 saw two more instances of the crime – in what was doubtless another after effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Justice refused to specify which species of animal had been involved in each incidence as it was held "only by virtue of being contained in a court record."

It remains unknown how many unprosecuted acts of bestiality have been committed in each country.

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