‘Cult survivor’ says dad performed exorcism on her to cast out ‘demon’

A woman has told how her dad, who she claims was a member of a religious cult, performed an exorcism to rid her of demons.

Frankie Day, 23, has also shared some of the "totally normal" things he tried to pass off as truths on TikTok.

She said her mum was not the problem but blamed her dad for trying to make her believe there were demons inside her.

"To everyone outside it looked pretty normal," she said on TikTok.

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"Every year he went to India to do mission work where he prayed for people and he healed them and performed exorcisms.

"Here are a few things he told me had happened: gem stones were growing out of thin air, people who were paralysed for their whole lives just simply got up and walked.

"People were getting gold teeth growing in their mouths, that's totally normal.

"This made it hard for me as a seven-year-old to socialise with my friends in the playground because I wanted them to know all the amazing things that my dad had told me."

When she was 14, she said she suffered panic attacks and her dad pinned her down to the bed, screaming: "In the name of Jesus Christ, get out of her now! I command you to leave!"

"He was talking to the 'demon' inside of me but I'm just mentally unwell for what he put me through," she added.

Frankie, who now needs therapy, said she used to think a fly was a sign of "demonic presence" and the smell of incense was "witch-y".

"If I touch a Buddha statue or near one, I would believe that I'm allowing a demon to go inside me…it's affected the way I socialise with people," she explained.

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"My father always presents himself as a 'holy man that can do no wrong' but one time, me and my mum checked his email and realised he had been having a sexual, online affair with an Indian girl two years older than me for six years.

"My whole family broke in that moment."

People were relieved that Frankie was able to leave her dad and stopped getting brainwashed.

Frankie is now working in Korea as a songwriter for K-pop stars.


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