A cunning bloke has been praised for the ‘petty revenge’ after he came home to find a stranger had parked on his driveway.

The unnamed man was outraged when he arrived home from work on Friday evening and the only spot on his driveway was filled by an “entitled stranger”.

According to The Mirror, the car belonged to a woman who was attending a house party in the neighbourhood.

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Because of the small size of his drive, the man couldn’t have the vehicle towed away so the man decided to get some ‘petty revenge’ by blocking the stranger in.

Not only did he block her in and refuse to move his own car when she came knocking, but he also left his car blocking the driveway for four days.

He said: "I came home from work to find someone on our block was having a large party and someone decided they were entitled to park in my driveway.

"Keep in mind my driveway is a single car width lined with a retaining wall on both sides and a garage at the end.

"It is essentially impossible for a tow truck to come pull them out without property damage.

"Seeing this and the lack of street parking I took this as a cue to park right behind them in my driveway."

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The man received a knock on the door a few hours later from the "entitled parker" demanding him to move his car so she could drive away – but he refused.

"Seeing as they were demanding, I informed them that I had been drinking and would not move my car," he added on Reddit.

"The entitled parker then decides to call the police to get them to force me to move.

"When the police knocked on my door, I was sure to grab a beer from the fridge before I answered to talk to the officer.

"I had informed them that after I got home I was unwinding and had been drinking and was in no shape to drive.

"At this point, their hands were tied because they couldn’t tow her car out, I’m in no shape to drive, and I’m legally parked in my driveway."

Continuing his revenge, he informed the woman that he wasn't due back into work until Tuesday – so she was welcome to collect her car then.

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However, they can help if a car is parked on a public road blocking a driveway as the driver is committing a parking offence and they will be likely fined for it.

While most users couldn't help but laugh at his "petty revenge", others shamed the woman for her "entitled audacity to park in someone else's driveway without permission".

One user said: "What is it with people? I feel bad if I park in front of someone's house; I would never presume to just pull on in. People suck."

Another user added: "The XXL audacity of calling the coppers on the owner of said driveway."

A third user said: "A valuable lesson is being taught to this woman. Do not park in other people's driveways. I'm sure for the rest of her life she'll remember this."


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