‘Curious’ adult star Angela White claims she’s ‘open to having sex with aliens’

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    A world-famous porn actress has admitted she is "curious" about what sex would be like with extraterrestrials and has admitted she is open to giving it a try.

    Angela White made the revelation on the latest episode of the Only Stans podcast, which is hosted by Glenny Balls.

    In the episode, the 38-year-old Australian porn actress made a series of sex confessions including that her longest session was around six hours and camming for identical twins.

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    But during the programme, they began discussing the prospect of having sex with an alien species and the possibility of becoming pregnant with an alien baby.

    While the idea of getting pregnant is a "turn-off" to Angela, she did admit that she would be open to having sex with an alien.

    She explained: "The baby part, I’m no longer sexually turned on at that point.

    "But the idea of like, if there were intelligent beings that could consent to sex. What would it be like to have sex with an alien?"

    To which, Gelnny quipped: “One day we’ll find out. If they ever come to earth, you’re on it.”

    Angela added: "I'm very curious about experiencing all things that I can in this life, so."

    The porn star already has a number of wild sex stories under her belt – some of which were discussed on the podcast.

    At one point, Angela explained how she ended up camming for identical twins who knew they were both getting off to her content online.

    But she only realised that they were twin brothers after she was online with one of them and he brought his brother into the room, leaving her stunned.

    She later slept with both of the brothers at different times after she'd found out they were twins as she explained: "He was one of the identical twins that I f***ed – then I ended up f***ing [his brother]

    "No – on purpose! We had a situationship, it wasn’t just sex. He was a fan. OK, there was a timespan. We were really into each other and we were ongoing for a while, right?

    "Then, eventually that all broke down and then – here’s the funny part of the story – I was camming with his identical brother at the same time.

    "They knew because at one point twin one was like 'I have a surprise for me' and he brought twin two in and said 'come in here'.

    "I was like [shocked] so I had been camming with both at the same time. Once I started f***ing twin one I was no longer camming with twin two."

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