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A bloke took revenge on a weirdo Currys driver who tried to pull his pregnant fiancee after dropping off their washing machine – by posing as her to lead the delivery man on.

Kacey Wheeler, 21, says the driver “couldn't stop staring at her” when he and a workmate dropped off the washer and dryer at her Bradford home last week.

After he left, she called boyfriend Ryan Sagar to joke that the man – known only as “Jordan” – was “in love with her”, but they were shocked when the driver texted who he thought was Kacey her less than 20 minutes later.

Ryan, 22, then posed as Kacey and began a six-hour text exchange that has since gone viral on Facebook.

In the chat, Jordan bragged about being a former prison “bad boy” and suggested they should “meet up to get this washer sorted”. Ryan even asked Jordan to be his sugar daddy after he boasted about earning £36,000 a year.

Electrician Ryan reckons he intimidated the delivery worker with his late-night request of a threesome and description of naughty bedroom kinks – including a request he dress up as a Marvel superhero.

But when the Currys driver tried to continue the chat the next day, Ryan abruptly cut him off, saying “f*** off now, I'm bored”, and only then revealed that Jordan had actually been talking to Kacey's fiance.

Currys said they were treating the matter “very seriously” and confirmed they are currently investigating it.

“As soon as I opened the door I saw one of the guys just didn't take his eyes off me. I didn't take it in a weird way at first and I thought it was funny. He was just staring at me,” said Kacey.

"The other guy just came in, dropped the washer and then left, but the other guy didn't want to leave. He was lingering around telling me where to put it and opening drawers.

"It was really creepy but at the time I just thought it was strange. I was winding Ryan up telling him the driver was in love with me. Then I thought he was joking when he said he'd got texts from him.

"I can't believe he just took my number off the sheet and he knows where we live.”

Ryan added: "There's my shoes in the house, Kacey's six months pregnant and she's got an engagement ring on. It's just utter disrespect.

"When I got the phone call and the text came through I was annoyed, but then I thought I'd make a laugh out of it.

"It's embarrassing. He deserves to have the mick taken out of him. From the texts you can tell he's a very strange guy.

"I thought I'd scared him off on the night, talking about a threesome, but then when he messaged back the next day and I wasn't having a good day at work so I just told him to “f*** off”.

The text exchange started when the creepy driver wrote: "Hi It's Jordan from Currys haha."

Ryan, posing as Kacey, replied: "Hi Jordan xx."

Jordan explained: "Haha I took your number. I hope you don't mind. You made me laugh wanting washer there ?????? XX."

Ryan said: "Hahaha no I'm glad you did message xx.

Later on, Ryan asked: "How many girls have you been with? Xxxxx."

Jordan said: "No more than 10 haha. What about yourself? Xxxxx."

Ryan replied: "10 lucky girls! And you don't ask a lady that Jordan XXXXX."

Jordan apologised, saying: 10 lucky girls, haha you asked me, but sorry XXXXX."

Jordan later said: "Might look like a clown in my Curry's outfit but I'm Jail boy hun chill out?????????? Xxxx."

Ryan teased Jordan: "Jail boy ye? You're used to be tied up then aren't you. My handcuffs are a little softer than the ones you're used to, would you wear a prison outfit for me. I have always gone for bad boys xxxx"

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Jordan replied: "Sorry was just eating my tea. Yeah I am that's what I'm saying but just need to get to know you… Are they? Aww babe can't wait. Me where a prison out fit? What like which one there a few different? have you [been with] under 22 bad boys yeah hahaha? xxxxx."

Ryan continued to question Jordan, saying: "Ye I love jail boys. My last two boys are in jail both doing big time…”

After the conversation went dead for the night, Jordan made contact again the following day: "Hey what you saying? I feel asleep last night lol. What you up to? XXXXX."

But Ryan then revealed who Jordan had been speaking to: "Listen f** off now I'm bored. You took the wrong number off the sheet. You've been texting her boyfriend all night."

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