Dad, 50, with three wives welcomes 60th child – he now wants a new wife and bus

A bloke with three wives has just welcomed his 60th child – and he has no plans on stopping.

Pakistan-native Sardar Jan Mohammad Khan Khilji, 50, lives with his trio of wives and gaggle of children in the Quetta Province.

And one of the wives gave birth to the man's newest child this week, a son called Khushal.

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Sardar, who is actually a doctor for a living, has been speaking to local media about the volume of children he has – and has claimed that he wants another wife so that he can have even more children.

He has also called on the local government to give him a free bus so that he can take his entire family for an outing, after complaining that the cost of living has seen him struggle to feed his children.

Speaking to Shamshad News, he said: “Business has come to a standstill.

“The prices of all basic things including flour, ghee and sugar have tripled.

"For the last three years, all Pakistanis, including the whole world, are facing difficulties, including me."

News of the bloke's massive family went viral on social media, with some asking how he's able to “remember all of the names of his children”.

One wrote: “He should continue to 100.”

And another posted: “Authorities need to stop this mad man.”

A third, Indian journalist Mohan Sinha, rather crudely posted: “The wives must have been perennially horizontal.”

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In Pakistan, polygamy – the act of having more than one wife – is legally permissible, but only males “adhering to the Islamic faith” are legally allowed to enter into polygamous unions, with a maximum of four wives at one time, local sources claim.

That law, brought in in 1961, would be good enough for Sardar, who is now looking for a fourth wife . . . just in case anyone else was on the lookout for love in far-flung places.

The official world record for a couple with the most children belongs to Valentina and Feodor Vassilyev, who sprogged 69 children.

The final one was born in 1765.

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