Humans may soon be able to live forever as aging is “a technical problem” that can “probably be reversed”, a scientist claims.

Although the prospect seems a long way off, Dr Jose Cordeiro reckons anybody who makes it to 2030 might never die because technology will be so far advanced.

The futurist attended the Dubai Future Forum to discuss his optimistic vision, telling The National: “I personally don’t plan to die.

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“It’s a likelihood that people will soon be able to live forever, rather than a possibility.

“We are very close to figuring it out. Ageing is a technical problem that we understand and can probably reverse.”

Boffins say once they have passed the point of "longevity escape velocity" – meaning life expectancy rises faster than the rate people age – humans will become invincible.

While life expectancy has risen dramatically in the modern age with huge medical leaps and better knowledge of dangerous habits, Cordeiro thinks the next stage in living longer is a battle with engineering.

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Scientists are now studying an immortal jellyfish, known as the Turritopsis dohrnii, which can re-emerge in a new body after 36 hours of being physically damaged or starved.

He explained: “We are studying why there are certain life forms that do not age. Now that we are able to study the immortal jellyfish, we will be discovering things very quickly…

“We never used to be able to fly but now we’ve even been able to go to the Moon.”

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Although the doctor is hopeful that the progress can be made scientifically, he did admit that it could take a lot of mental adjustment to be able to cope with the knowledge that we can live forever.

Cordeiro said: “There are mental issues that need to be resolved as we have become accustomed to the fact we will all die, since the beginning of humanity.

“But it does not need to be that way any more.”

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