‘Decimated’ stingray left with huge chunks missing in mystery sea monster attack

A fisherman made a gruesome discovery that left locals terrified of what is lurking out in the water.

Liam Kenny reeled in a half-eaten stingray while fishing on Sunday (January 29) just off the shore of Swan River, Perth, Australia.

A mystery creature discarded the carcass after taking several "massive" bites from it.

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Graphic images of the "decimated" stingray have spread online, prompting worry about what was responsible.

Speaking to 7NEWS, the fisherman described his catch of the day as "the craziest thing" he had ever seen.

He said: “It’s easily the craziest thing I’ve seen [while fishing] and the biggest ray I’ve caught."

Liam believes that a bull shark may have been responsible for the massive bites, discarding the carcass when it had had its fill.

The gruesome images were shared on to the forum site Reddit, and people were left terrified.

According to News.com.au, one user said: “Old mate pulled this stingray out of the Swan River that has three large bites freshly taken out of it.

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“The stingray is one metre across for reference."

“Far out … that’s an epic picture and story,” one user wrote in the comments.

“I’m scared and second-guessing paddle-boarding at the moment.”

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