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    A family likened to the 'Deliverance' hillbillies have flaunted their unrecognisable home and new vehicles after acts of incredible kindness.

    Filmmaker Mark Laita returned to catch up with the Whittaker family earlier this year to see where thousands of pounds raised for them online has ended up.

    Mark first met the Whittakers living in squalor in remote West Virginia countryside, cut off from the modernity of the United States in the aptly named hamlet of Odd.

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    With each of their eyes pointing in different directions to the other, among other physical defects, the family are thought to be inbred and uneducated but nonetheless friendly and welcoming to Mark.

    In his most recent visit, Mark who created a GoFundMe page to help the Whittakers with living expenses and home improvements, was impressed by new additions to their rural property.

    The half-an-hour long YouTube video begins with footage of Mark's drive to their home, past numerous 'Vote Donald Trump for president' election flags and banners from 2020.

    On arrival, viewers can immediately see what changes have been made thanks to the filmmaker's rallying call for the public's generosity.

    In their thick, barely intelligible southern accents, the family confirm to Mark that the roof above their home is a new feature, as is a second modern-looking cabin, a red quad bike and a shiny Nissan pick-up truck.

    The video rolls to accidentally film Ray who communicates through various grunting noises – peeing outside in full view of the family because he "doesn't use the bathroom".

    Bearded Ray proceeds to excitedly point at the new grey cladding on the house to ensure it is wind proof and water tight along with the roof of the same design.

    On entering the dimly lit main house, a scurry of small dogs dash across a sofa barking at Mark as background chatting can be heard from a flat screen television.

    Ray leads Mark to their wood burner in the middle of the living and when asked if the money has improved the Whittakers' quality of life, an older woman nodded "yeah".

    As Ray peeks through a half drawn curtain to see a bedroom, he's told it is shared by two of them. When shown a fully stocked fridge, Mark quips "that's what $30,000 will do for you".

    Mark is then grabbed for a tour of the new large red cabin which was erected on Halloween 2021.

    Inside is a pile of clothes, a fridge and ornaments on a shelf although sadly the family member who lives there says he's run out of money, hence why the interior walls are bare.

    He's assured that a new video should help bring in more funds to help him and the family which was once 15 people strong.

    Ray shows off a new bicycle which he climbs on and pushes up the former dirt track without using the peddles.

    With over £7,000 raised again on the Whittakers' GoFundMe page, it is likely they will soon be able to afford further renovations to their homes.

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