‘Deliverance’ inbred family son squeals at music and dances for first time

One of the sons from the world's most inbred family has been filmed dancing and squealing as he listens to music.

Ray Whittaker comes from a long line of incest, with cousins marrying cousins over and over again, which started with a pair of identical twins.

The infamous family from the remote town of Odd, West Virginia, US, have been well documented down the years, with some members so inbred they are unable to speak and instead communicate in grunts.

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Ray is seemingly the Whittaker who suffers the most from the effects of incest.

The family have been open to people visiting and recently YouTuber Dazedgypsy Lauren made the trip to Odd.

She was allowed into the home where she met Ray. She said: "I want to see if you like music."

Lauren then passed her phone to Ray with Spotify open and encouraged him to "pick a song". He gripped the phone and let out a squeal before Lauren took it back and helped him out.

She chose 'Sugar, Sugar' by The Archies, a choice Ray seemed to be happy with as he smiled and thumped his chest along to the opening.

As the song progressed he seemed to get more excited, grunting and squealing, before Lauren helped him to his feet for a dance. Ray jumped up and down erratically before Lauren lifted his hand up and spun him around.

People in the comments section seemed to love the interaction.

One comment read: "Awww that was adorable, he’s so clever and really underestimated. I feel happy knowing he is in the world."

Another person said: "I love when Ray smiles. Then he will stop abruptly, then smile again, over and over. His smile is contagious. He seemed to really like the music.

"It fills my heart to see people treating the family so well. And all the positive comments is so nice to see too!"

A third said: "This made my day. Lauren, you radiate joy and light. Ray is very intuitive and clearly can sense this about you."

Ray is one of 15 children that came from the marriage between cousins Gracie Irene Whittaker and John Emory Whittaker. John and Gracie's fathers were twin brothers John and Henry Whittaker, born in 1897.

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