Deliveroo forced to apologise after woman shares racy messages from driver

Deliveroo has been forced to apologise after a woman posted a screenshot exposing inappropriate messages from her delivery driver.

Kelechi, AKA kelechnekoff tagged the food delivery service in a tweet with screenshots of the messages they received from the delivery driver.

Kelechi captioned the tweet: “Hey @Deliveroo ailshould your riders be sending these kind of messages after making my delivery??”

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The screenshot featured a purple devil emoji, followed by the word ‘sexy’, and then a third message with a winking emoji.

The tweet has been seen by nearly 290K people and prompted a concerning number of responses from others who claimed to have experienced a similar interaction – both with Deliveroo and other companies.

One woman, whose display name is Joanna, shared screenshots of two interactions on the food service app where she had been sent unsolicited messages from drivers.

Joanna captioned her response: “they really are out here shooting their shot…let me just eat my chicken wings”.

The first screenshot reads: “wow how beautiful you.

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“Captivating smile”.

The second screenshot reads: “Talk to me on WhatsApp, mind??”

The next message included his number, which Joanna blurred out for privacy, and a kissing emoji.

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Responding to the original tweet, a spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “Hi Kelechi – we sincerely apologise for the behaviour of the rider, it is totally unacceptable.

“Could you please kindly DM us your order details so that we can investigate this immediately. Thank you.”

In a second response, they also said: “We'll look into this for you right away, Kalechi. Please DM us with more information, your account email address and your order details – we'll follow up as soon as possible.”

The Daily Star has contacted Deliveroo for comment.


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