Devastated man finds his 26 goldfish have been boiled alive by electrical fault

A pet-owner was heartbroken when he discovered that all 26 of his pet goldfish had died in a freak accident.

A faulty electrical socket fell into the fish tank and zapped all of his beloved fish to death – boiling them alive.

The horrific accident took place at owner Mr Chen's home in the city of Guangzhou, in the south-eastern Chinese province of Guangdong.

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Mr Chen shared two videos of his beloved fish on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – showing the disastrous before and after results of the tragedy.

One of the videos shows the beautiful and colourful fish swimming peacefully in their tank.

Meanwhile, the other clip was horrific as it showed everything that Mr Chen had lost.

The fish were in a devastating condition as all 26 of them floated completely lifeless on the water's surface.

Mr Chen came to the realisisation that his fish had been boiled alive when he unplugged the socket.

He said that he put his hand into the tank and realised the water was extremely hot.

Although heartbroken, the aquatic-lover said that he at least hopes that everyone can take this as a warning and pay attention to electrical safety.

Many social media users were saddened and shocked at the sight of the tragic fate the beautiful fish had met, as they flooded the owner with messages of love and support.

One user, 'Sweet Lanshou Goldfish', said: "May there be no plugs in heaven," with an added crying emoji at the end.

Goldfish are often thought to be lacking intelligence, but researchers have recently disproved this.

According to scientists at Oxford University, goldfish actually do have good memories and are able to navigate their surroundings.

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A team from Oxford University trained nine fish to travel 70cm (2.3ft) and back, receiving a food reward at the end.

Researchers said it showed the fish could accurately estimate distance and the study disproved the long-held belief goldfish have little or no memory.

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