Disbelievers blocked by King Charles’ ‘secret son’ online form ‘support group’

King Charles' 'secret son' Simon Dorante-Day has blocked hundreds of disbelievers on Facebook, leading them to band together in a massive private group.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, from Australia, has repeatedly gone viral over his claims that he is the biological son of King Charles III and Camilla – and has even pushed for a DNA test to be taken to prove it.

The 56-year-old updates his followers on Facebook regularly, but it appears he blocks them just as frequently.

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People who have been blocked by Mr Dorante-Day have come together on the social media site, in a group called 'I have been blocked by Simon Charles Dorante-Day discussion group'.

The group, described as 'a place for people to express their thoughts without being rudely deleted and blocked', was created in June 2021 and has over 800 members.

The group officially changed its title from a 'support group' to a 'discussion group' a couple of months after forming.

One of its members runs a page called 'The fake Prince down under – The research,' and it is followed by over 1,600 people.

The page owner says that they have been given legal threats by Mr Dorante-Day.

"No factual legal evidence has ever come to light apart from the photo comparisons and re hashing of Simon’s old narrative," they wrote in a status.

"No news on his television documentary (he hinted at), no news on the returning to court (also hinted at). Threats of legal action towards us for blogging, haven’t come to light either. Nothing ever comes of his upcoming news strangely.

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"It’s all just a very clever use of words to make you 'think' it’s true."

The page being private means they have entrance requirements.

One question necessary for entrance into the group reads: "Have you been blocked by Simon? (This is not a requirement but please be aware that Simon and his followers may be hiding in this group)"

Another reads: "Do you believe Simon is who he thinks he is?"

Simon recently gave a cryptic response when asked on Facebook "are we any closer to having the truth revealed?"

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