Doctors are stumped by a teenage girl who appears to cry small rocks from one eye.

The 15-year-old girl from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, northern India, is the centre of a bizarre medical mystery, with doctors claiming that her affliction is not medically possible.

For almost two months, her family members claim between 10-15 stones have come out of her left eye.

In a clip, which was filmed in the village of Gadiya Balidaspur, a lump can be seen in the upper left-hand side of her eyelid.

A person off-camera appears to massage it down until what appears to be a stone drops out of her eye and falls onto the girl’s top.

Later, another rock-like item drops from her eyelid – this time coming from the upper right-hand side.

It drops down from near her tear duct before falling again, with a woman catching it in her clothes.

The girl then holds the rock up in her hand, before showing a collection of rocks – all of which allegedly came from her eyeball.

The family have consulted doctors – all of whom insist it is not medically possible.

In 2014, the Mail Online reported on Saadiya Saleh, 12, from Yemen, who suffered from a similar condition.

Doctors said they still could not give an explanation for such a phenomenon since the girl, Saadiya Saleh, is not suffering from any known disease.

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Unfortunately this triggered a panic in rural areas where they assumed the girl must be possessed by magic.

A YouTube film aired by Yemen’s Azal satellite TV channel showed doctors gathered a small box full of stones that had fallen from her eyes.

The local presenter said: “This case in the second strange phenomenon in the region."

“The case has triggered panic in the area where this girl lives… Some say the girl could be gripped by a magic spell while others say it might be the devil… Others fear it could be the start of a dangerous epidemic.”

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