Google Maps cameras don’t miss anything, and over the years they’ve picked up some bizarre, hilarious, and even some shocking things.

While Google Maps is mostly used as a directional tool to help you plan trips and help dodging traffic, it has even been used to solve crimes like in the popular documentary ’Don’t F*ck With Cats On The Internet’.

The most unusual things include a man spotted standing in a window completely nude and unblurred, to military training camp just miles from Area 51.

This time, Google Map Street View has snapped a driving instructor relieving himself on the side of Sheppey Way, Sittingbourne in May 2021.

As if it isn’t bad enough being caught in the compromising position by a stranger, this unlucky man has been caught on camera and his embarrasing moment is now on the internet for all to see.

Googles Street View cameras, mounted in roving cars, found him in full flow, and in broad daylight.

The mystery man is just one of dozens captured in compromising situations by the camera cars trawling the streets.

Earlier this week a man was been spotted on Google Maps flaunting his private parts in a shocking unblurred photo.

The image, shared on the r/GoogleMaps Reddit forum on Tuesday, shows a man cheekily waving at the camera from a bedroom, holding a mug with his other hand.

Neither of his hands cover his penis.

The same day a man was pictured making a crude gesture to the cameras as they drove past his home in the USA.

Another Google Maps user was left baffled recently after he came across an enormous rubber duck floating in the middle of a lagoon.

Another Reddit user found an even more bizarre image of a man apparently dressed as a knight as he walked his two dogs.

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